Karakol is a hub of activity in Kyrgyzstan and travelers from all over the world have enjoyed our world-class trekking and skiing, our city's rich history, and our tasty multicultural cuisine. Here's just a sampling of what others in the press, media, and blogosphere have had to say about their experiences in Karakol and with the Destination Karakol team.

You can also view a few videos about Karakol as well.

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Karakol – 7 Things Everyone Should Know About the City



"The food crawl tour was my favorite experience in Karakol not just because everything was so delicious, but because it was a truly immersive way to learn more about this fascinating part of the country." 

Things To Do In Karakol That Don't Just Involve Hiking!

That Backpacker


"Even coming back less than a year after my first visit (I took a day trip here during the World Nomad Games), I was surprised by how much more Karakol had in store! They now offer free walking tours, cooking classes, traditional dinners with local families, and that’s on top of all the outdoor activities and overnight treks that Karakol is already known for." 

An Experiential Travel Guide to Karakol: 25 Ideas to Get You Started

Uncornered Market


"When readers ask, “I’m traveling to Karakol. Is there anything to do there? Where should I go?” We have a raft of ideas, often surprising them. Why? Because most travelers (and guidebooks) know Karakol, a town in eastern Kyrgyzstan, only as a jumping off point for popular day hikes and multi-day treks in the nearby Tian-Shan Mountains. What they don’t often realize, however, is the rich cultural context of the town and what there is to do there."

Taste of the Silk Road

Katie Arnold, Roads & Kingdoms

Dungan Family Dinner

"Every inch of Mamieva Hamida’s living room floor is covered with food, a melee of textures and colors, with a spicy noodle salad sitting alongside deep-fried meatballs and sweet puff pastry. This is a typical feast in a Dungan household."

Learning About Kyrgyzstan Cuisine on a Karakol Food Tour


Karakol Vegetarian Food, Salads at the Market

"After spending a few days in and around the city, I can honestly say that Karakol itself has a lot to offer the curious traveler. Near the top of that list of things to do in the city is to experience its eclectic cuisine."

Top 10 Things To Do in Karakol (That Don’t Involve Trekking)

Goats on the Road


"I have to admit, when we first visited Karakol in 2013, we were there to do what most people do — spend the night and go trekking in the mountains the next day. However, having returned to the city this year, we’ve now learned about some new (and really cool) things to see and do in and around Karakol."  

14 Awesome Things To Do In Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan



"Make sure you are hungry before you come, as this [Dungan] family’s goal is to make sure you leave not wanting to eat again for the rest of the day. It was definitely our favourite thing to do in the Issyk Kul region." 

5 Fun Things to Do in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Tim Leffel, Perceptive Travel


"It’s worth hanging around Karakol for at least a couple days though, especially if, like my group, you just spent close to a week sleeping in a tent at around 3,000 meters each night. You’ll appreciate the good food, cheap beer, soft beds, and hot showers. While you’re there, here are a few activities to check out after you’ve rested up." 

Karaoke in Karakol & Other Things That’ll Blow Your Mind Around Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan

The Blonde Gypsy

Karakol in the press

"I didn’t think dance parties like that existed in Karakol but so thankful we sniffed this one out and now I have living proof that nightlife does exist in that city in case anyone tries to argue otherwise." 

21 Unique Things to do in Karakol + Nearby Excursions

The Local Adventurer


"If you’re in Kyrgyzstan to explore the mountains, you will most likely pass through Karakol, so you should do yourself a favor and spend a few days in the town learning more about the culture (and eating of course)." 

7 bonnes raisons d’aller au Kirghizistan

Un notre monde


"Nous avons été témoins de tant de gentillesse que cela nous dépassait parfois un peu."