Off-Road Tours

Make the most of limited time.

Take a journey around Kyrgyzstan's top sights and attractions in a comfortable 4WD car or a mini-bus. During our tours, you will be taken into some remote areas of Kyrgyzstan that few get to see. Our country is full of history, beauty, and wildlife. Therefore, our tours are the best option for those who want to see and visit all places during a single visit.

Starting from short one-day trips to multi-day adventures, we are sure, that you'll find something that suits your schedule. We will take care of everything throughout the whole trip, from consulting & booking to saying goodbye at the airport! So let's get started, pick one of the tours and contact us if you have any questions.

Note: By choosing us you help to develop tourism in Karakol and in the region. Our trusted members and partners offer all the tours. We do not add any commission to the tours. A significant part earned on these tours goes to supporting Destination Karakol and its work as a social enterprise that engages in community activities and in supporting tourism development in the city. Thank you!

Off-Road Tours

Kyrgyz Fairytale Tour

Make your short stay in Kyrgyzstan action packed! In just handful of days, explore Kyrgyzstan's most famous attractions during this exclusive private tour. 

Duration: 5 days | Period: year-round


Land of Nomads

This tour is oriented for people who want to explore whole Kyrgyzstan and see different nature, people and lifestyle. 

Duration: 18 days | Period: July - October 



This tour is one of the most exciting 1-day tours we offer. In a single day you will visit the incredibly beautiful red rock and sandstone canyons of Kyzyl-jar.                  

Duration: 1 day | Period: May - October


High Passes of Kyrgyzstan

During this tour you will drive through amazing landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. High passes with stunning views will make you trip memorable...

Duration: 11 days | Period: July-October


Magic and mysterious Kyrgyzstan

This tour is designed for people who has a little time but wanted to see many places and do possible activities.

Duration: 11 days | Period: June-October


Ring of Sary-Jaz 2

This tour is for people who want to experience beautiful, wild nature and untouchables landscapes.

Duration: 2 days  | Period: May - October 


Adventure on Kyrgyz Land

This tour is designed for people who has a little time but wanted to see many places and do possible activities

Duration: 11 days | Period: July - October


Arabel Plateau 4000m

The plateu has such an interesting relief and a large number of lakes due to a very old glacier. It leveled the valley and left so many lacustrine basins.

Duration: 1 day | Period: year-round


Enilchek & Sary-Jaz 4 days

Sary-Jaz tour is our favourite and unique short off-road trip to border area of Issyk-Kul region.         

Duration: 1-4 days | Period: year-round