Hiking & Trekking Tours

Get to know Kyrgyzstan from a vantage point.

Kyrgyzstan's mountain range is one of the greatest in Central Asia, and your trip is incomplete without walking to the Tian-Shan mountains. We invite you to feel the beauty of a hike with one of our tours. By visiting places often only accessible on foot, you will learn about flora and fauna, whilst enjoying fabulous nature, alpine lakes, colorful rocks, waterfalls, cold and fresh stream, and mountain rivers.

The treks and hikes vary from 2-3 day easy trips to multi-day strenuous ones. Every adventurer will find the best option that suits one's preferences.

Note: By choosing us you help to develop tourism in Karakol and in the region. Our trusted members and partners offer all the tours. We do not add any commission to the tours. A significant part earned on these tours goes to supporting Destination Karakol and its work as a social enterprise that engages in community activities and in supporting tourism development in the city. Thank you!


Archa Tor Pass

Route: Chon-Kyzyl Suu gorge - Archa tor pass    - Archa tor pass

Duration: 3 days | Period: End of June-October

Celestial Mountains

Celestial Mountains

Route: Djety-Oguz  -  Karakol gorge -

  Ala-Kul lake - Altyn-Arashan 

Duration: 5 days | Period: June - October

Glaciers of Terksey

The glaciers of Terskey Ala-Too

Route: Karakol - Peak Karakol - Ala-Kul  - Altyn-Arashan

Duration: 6 days  | Period: June-September 

Ak-Suu Traverse

Ak-Suu Traverse Trek

Route: Karakol - Telety - Alpcamp - Keldike - Altyn - Arashan - Almaluu - Boz uchuk                  

Duration: 7 days | Period: June-September


Echkilitash-Base Camp

Route: Echkilitash valley  - Merzbacher lake - base camp between peaks Khan-Tengri (6995m) and
Pobeda (7439m) - Atjailoo valley

Duration: 14 days  | Period: July-September

Ala-Kul lake

The pearl Ala-Kul Lake

Route: Karakol – Ala-Kul lake - Altyn-Arashan – Karakol

Duration: 4 days | Period: June-October       

Atjailoo-Enilchek-3 (2000 x 1500)

Journey to Echkilitash and Atjailoo

Route:  Tyuz valley - Enilchek valley - At-Djailoo valley
5 days | Period: July-September

On-Tor's Loop

On-Tor's Loop

Route: Karakol - On-Tor - Kol-Tor  Ala-Kul lake - Altyn-Arashan - Karakol

Duration: 6 days | Period: June-September

Jergalan Arashan

Jergalan-Altyn-Arashan-Jeti Oguz

Route: Jyrgalan Valley - Altyn-Arashan - Ala-Kul lake - Jeti Oguz

Duration: 9 days | Period: End of June-October

Altitudes of Terskey Ala-Too

At altitudes of Terskey Ala-Too

Route: Chon Kyzyl-Suu - Djety-Oguz - Ala-Kul lake - Altyn-Arashan 

Duration: 11 days | Period: June-October

Karakol Main Sights

Main sights of Karakol

Route: Karakol - Peak Karakol - Ala-Kul lake  - Altyn-Arashan

Duration: 4 days | Period: June - October       

Alakul lake

Terskey Ala-Too Highlights

       Route:     Jeti-Oguz - Ala-Kul Lake -                      Altyn-Arashan      

  Duration: 5 days | Period: End of June - October


Celestial Mountains 2

Route: Djety-Oguz - Karakol gorge - Ala-Kul lake - Altyn-Arashan 

Duration: 7 days | Period: June - October    


Challenging Tian-Shan

Route: Bishkek - Karakol - Sirota - Keldike valley - Aksu river - Ak-suu wall - Koiluu - - Echkili-Tash - Cholpon-Ata - Bishkek

Duration: 11 days | Period: June - October