Tour Operators in Karakol

Find local guides, rent gear, and organize your trip.

Because of the expertise available, Karakol is the ideal location to organize trekking, hiking, mountaineering of all levels, styles, abilities and durations — from self-guided to fully-supported, from local to far afield. You can stretch your comfort zone, achieve peak adventure, and feel something you've never before felt, in locations you never before imagined. With Karakol's local trekking agencies and strong adventure infrastructure, you can easily plan your trek and trek your plan.

In addition, you can also rent trekking and other outdoor gear from select trekking agencies and tour operators in Karakol.

Below is searchable directory of tour operators and trekking agencies in Karakol. They can help you if you're planning an epic trek or another adventure in and around Karakol. Additionally, we're happy to help if you need assistance in planning your trip.

Note: Highlighted listings are Destination Karakol DMO members. These businesses and entrepreneurs are actively invested in promoting tourism and community development in Karakol through the support of Destination Karakol.

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