Ringed by snow-capped peaks and filled with shady, tree-lined streets, Karakol is a city layered with a unique interplay between past and present. Historic mosques, churches, and Russian Empire era buildings stand alongside bustling markets — the heartbeat of  local life in Karakol. It's a diverse community as much as a city, and that's exactly what we're hoping you'll discover when you arrive.

Karakol: Our Story, Past and Present

Once a part of an ancient region known as Turkestan, then a stop on the Silk Road, and now a modern city, it's Karakol's rich history that makes it such a fascinating place for travelers to explore. Discover how the city's past influences the present, and learn exactly why Karakol became one of Kyrgyzstan's best foodie destinations.

About Destination Karakol

Destination Karakol is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a vibrant tourism industry in the city that also benefits and serves the local population. Comprised of more than 45 local stakeholders, these businesses and entrepreneurs have banded to create positive change in their city. Learn more about the organization's founding, their projects, and their plans for future growth.

Meet the Team

A city is more than simply a collection of buildings, it's the sum of the people and their stories as well. Meet the faces behind Destination Karakol and learn their stories — why they joined the DMO, what they hope to create, what keeps them motivated, and their favorite aspects of living in Karakol.

Visitor Center Services

The team at the Karakol Visitor Center, organized and run by Destination Karakol, is dedicated to serving the needs of independent travelers and groups. Tourism services offered include everything from booking local tours and organizing accommodation to offering trekking maps and information guides. Stop by the Visitors Center or send an email to get in touch.

Karakol in the Press

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