Whether you are located in Karakol or you are coming to Karakol as a destination, the choice of health & wellness activities are almost limitless. Such activities are great way to relax in after a long day of travelling or after long days hiking. Following wellness experiences are opportunity to relax in nature and to become aware of your inner self and to renew your energy. Immerse yourself in nature with these activities centered around a healthy lifestyle of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Find health and relaxation at high altitude with these Karakol wellness centers, natural hot-springs or traditional banyas or saunas and discover a side of Karakol that many visitors miss.

There is no shortage of wonderful ways to relax your muscles after a trek or long day on the slopes.

Karakol Hot-Springs

Ak-Suu Kench Hot-Springs

How do locals relax themselves in winter? It’s hot spring! A soak in hot springs has been an essential part of Karakol culture for a long time. Kyrgyzstan has a lot of thermal springs in general, there are several hot springs spots near Karakol, one of which is Ak-Suu Kench. There is no need to travel far to experience a refreshing dip since Ak-Suu Kench is only 30 minutes away from the city. There is also a marshrutka (Ak-Suu #350) that goes from the city center, making it easier for travelers to get to the hot-springs during the day. The hot springs are open from 08:00-11:00 daily.

Practical Details

Where: Located 30 minutes drive from Karakol near the village of Teploklyuchenka (Ak-Suu) on the way to Ak-Suu Resort (Please see the Google Map below).

Age Restrictions: The activity is good for adults and children of any ages (There are special pools for children).

Additional info: The price is 300 KGS per person. Food & Drinks are available in a cafe on the territory of hot-springs.

When Available:

It's open throughout the year.


+996 773 037 678

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In-home massage services in Karakol

Treat yourself with a variety of modalities and styles of massage in Karakol, with visits to your home or hotel. A massage therapist will come prepared with massage tables, relaxing music, clean sheets and oil. Feel your muscles soften and relax during your session and experience a deep tissue, or medical massage. Relieve stress and anxiety, loosen tight muscles, lower blood pressure, boost immunity, and improve sleep. All treatments are individually tailored and, depending upon the therapist and your needs!

Have a stress-free day with following styles of massage:

  • Traditional
  • Sports
  • Figure correction
  • Relaxing

When Available:

Year round (Book a day and time that suits your schedule)


+996 555 620 932 (Tatiana)

Wellness & Health Activities

Banyas and Saunas in Karakol

Experience a traditional Russian banya or sauana in the city of Karakol and spend your time to fully recover from a strenuous hike or a long day on a slope. Usually the Russian bath experience consists of a relaxing session in a steam room ("parilka") followed by a dive into a cold swimming pool; this is typically repeated a few times, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. In order to improve the circulation people often hit (massage) each other with bunches of dried branches and leaves made from white birch, oak or eucalyptus ("banniy venik").

There are many banyas & saunas in Karakol. Most of the places features both cold and warm pools, a toasty wood sauna, and hot showers — everything you need to end the day well.

Practical Details

Note: Most of the "banyas" are considered as public bath, you can have a separate room for additional cost. Drinks & food also available in most of the places.

Price: 100-150 KGS per person for public room; for separate room prices please check