Karakol Visitor Center & Services

Your one-stop place for all Karakol travel information.

The Karakol Visitor Center should be your first stop when you arrive in Karakol! This is the one-stop place for travel information on all things Karakol — things to do in town and in nearby regions, city and food tours, treks in the area, market and museum schedules, transport and other logistical information, accommodation options, maps, local events, and much, much more.

The Karakol Visitor Center team is made up of locals excited to share with you their hometown and their best insider tips about everything from where to eat and what to see, too. We are fluent in English and Russian, and we speak a bit of other foreign languages as well.

Destination Karakol founded and organized the Karakol Visitor Center as a way to provide high quality and objective travel information to independent travelers and groups. We offer the following travel and tourism services:

  • Booking local tours
  • Organizing accommodation
  • Arranging transport (locally and long-distance)
  • Obtaining maps and other tourism information
  • Buying postcards and souvenirs
  • Using free wifi

Note: The proceeds from these sales and commissions support Destination Karakol, a non-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) working toward local tourism development and community activities.

How to Get in Touch

If you are already in Karakol, please visit us at the Visitor Center at 150 Lenin Street. We are open Monday - Saturday from 9:00 - 18:00.

You can also reach us through WhatsApp at +​996 509 996 885 or +996 552 996 885 or via Instagram.

"Destination Karakol's staff are fantastic - extremely knowledgable about what's great in and around Karakol and amazingly well-connected to the tourism industry both in town and across the rest of the country. Their wide variety of local experiences are a great introduction to the city, and a great way to relax for a few days in between trips up into the mountains that make up so much of this beautiful country. For tips on where to stay, what to do, and how to do it these guys are a fantastic source of information on having an authentic experience in Karakol and Kyrgyzstan."

Stephen Lioy

Lonely Planet Writer for Kyrgyzstan

"Running into Aman (Visitor Center staff) in Karakol was the harbinger for one of the best days of my three weeks spent in Kyrgyzstan, which is in fact an amazing country to visit. Through Aman and Rakhat I was able to thoroughly discover Kyrgyzstan. I felt and experienced Kyrgyzstan's different cultures, making it also an educational experience. It supported also the rest of my trip in terms of understanding the events and happenings I ran into."

Patrick Lie

Traveler from the Netherlands

"The food tour with Destination Karakol is a must do as it gives an insider's guide to some of the most delicious local food in town. Aman is also an excellent guide, and my trip was definitely enriched with more knowledge on the diverse ethnicity and culture of this region. A highlight of my trip to Kyrgyzstan!"

Wendy Law

Traveler from Singapore

"Only thanks to the work of Destination Karakol, our town became number #1 tourist destination. Products (tour packages) developed by the Destination help not only to the development of the town in general, but also help the community (community development) in general in this spirit."

Zhamilya Sydygalieva

Owner of Fat Cat Cafe

How to Find Us: 150 Lenin Street, Karakol