Uygur Home-Style Dinner

Experiencing the Warmth and Flavor of Uygur Home-Style Dining

Want to immerse yourself in the comfort of home, sitting down to a table bursting with delicious food and interesting company? We invite you to join us for a Uighur Dinner at a cozy “tapchane” with soft pillows - a place where you can relax in body and soul. Sit back at the table and get ready to immerse yourself in the history of Uyghur cuisine and people, which stretches over more than 2 thousand years. During the evening you will taste the delicious unique dishes and drinks of Uighur cuisine, tasting all the notes of Uyghur hospitality.

Tour Highlights

  • Step into a cozy "tapchane" adorned with soft pillows, where you can unwind and embrace a home-like atmosphere.
  • Sit down at a table overflowing with delectable food and engaging company, as you delve into the history of Uyghur cuisine and its people, spanning over 2,000 years.
  • Experience the true essence of Uyghur hospitality as you are treated to an evening filled with genuine warmth, exceptional food, and a heartfelt connection to Uighur culture and traditions.

* Vegetarian meals can be prepared upon request. Let us know in advance (at booking) if you or anyone in your group has food preferences or allergies.

Uygur Home-style Dinner

2.5 Hours  | from 1,600 som

per person

Note for individual travelers: All our tours require to have a minimum group of people. The Karakol Visitor Center team will do its best to assemble a group of other interested participants in order to guarantee your departure.

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Tour Details


Available daily, by prior reservation 2 days in advance.

Start Time

Any time convenient for your group


2-2.5 hours


Adults, families, children


Russian, English


Any weather

Minimum Group Size

5 people (or upon special request)

Maximum Group Size

14 people

Meeting Point

Karakol, st. Orozova 9, cafe Kainar

Price Includes:

  • Meals and soft drinks (tea, mineral water)

Not Included in Price:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • English speaking guide

*Guide services can be organized upon request for an additional price:

  • English speaking guide - 500 som

Additional Information

Discover the captivating blend of cultures and cuisines in Karakol with our immersive Uygur home-style dinner. Gain insights into local traditions, secret recipes, and unique ingredients found in the city's streets and markets. Whether you're a mountain explorer or a curious foodie, this Uygur experience promises an unforgettable and delicious journey. Indulge in authentic Uygur dishes while embracing the warmth of Uygur hospitality. Prepare to leave satisfied and inspired by the flavors and stories that define Uygur cuisine in Karakol.

Tour Location and Meeting Point

This tour meets at Kaynar cafe at Orozova 9, which is 5 minutes from Destination Karakol office.