One-Day Trip to Enilchek

This part of Kyrgyzstan is one of the unique place in Central Asia. Sary-Jaz is a untouchable place where you can fully retire and escape from bustle, in an embrace of beauty, tranquility and majesty of the valleys and mountain ranges. This tour is for people who are interested to see the heart of the Tian-Shan mountains, Soviet ambitious projects and who loves adventure!

One-day trip to Sary Jaz

1 day | Year-round

Tour Highlights

  • One day trip to Sary-Jaz valley
  • Drive through Chon-Ashuu pass 3822m
  • Swim at wild hot springs Kara-Tash
  • Explore the soviet abandoned town Enilchek
  • Trip to pre-border zones with China
  • You will able to see yaks, wild eagles, marmots and other wild animals
  • Wild and outdoor area
  • Off-road trip 4x4
Visit Karakol

This tour is offered by Visit Karakol Tour Company. As a member of Destination Karakol, this business is actively invested in promoting tourism and community development in Karakol and the surrounding region.

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Tour Details

Highest point

Chon-Ashuu pass - 3822m


1 day (9 hours of driving)

Good for

Adults and families 




Sary-Jaz located in border zone with China and that is why you need a permit.


English, Russian


Rain or shine


No signal connection except Enilchek city where only "O!" local sim card has signal.


70% of the road is soviet asphalt from 1980th


  • up to 3 people – 210 , SUV 4х4
  • up to 5 people – 250 , Mitsubishi Delika 4х4

What is included:

  • Driver-guide
  • Vehicles selected category
  • Water
  • Payment for national park

NOT included:

  • Lunch (You can book lunch at local family for (600KGS PP) Otherwise, you can take a lunch boxes by yourself.
  • Border permit. If you don't have then we can arrange it for 30 € per person (in frame of tour)

What Others Say About This Tour

"With a group of 30 people from the Netherlands, we went to visit Kyrgyzstan. We have seen one of the most beautiful views ever. We went from snow to very empty, beautiful landscapes. We also went to hotsprings, one of the best experiences of our lives. After that we went to a ghost village. Because we took so long at the hotsprings we were a bit late. But we asked Timur if we could see the village from a lot closer and he was very happy to help. We went inside the buildings and it was spectacular. If you’re thinking about going to Kyrgyzstan, please visit Karakol and book the Sary-Jaz tour. Honestly, you won’t regret it. We were a group of students, and we all loved it, which makes me believe that it’s perfect for almost every age category. Thank you Timur and the Visit Karakol Team, we are hoping to come back one day."

Tour Itinerary

8 AM - We depart early morning on 4WD SUVs toward Sary-Jaz valley through Chon-Ashuu Pass (3822m) with breathtaking views from the top of the pass.
12 PM - On the way there, we will visit Enilchek which is considered to be a lost city and attracts many tourists by its mystery. In Soviet times there was a huge manufactory producing non-ferrous and ferrous metals. We will drive through Enilchek and visit abandoned mine.
12:40 PM - Further enjoying with Kara-Tash hot springs with hot radon water, which flows under high black rock. The width of the spring is 4 meters, the length is about 50 meters and the depth is about 1.7-2 meters. The water temperature is about 55C degrees.
14:30 PM - After that we will start to drive to Karakol city
6 PM - We will be in Karakol

Additional information

  • Equipment and items for tour:
    • Swimming suits, towel and sandals
    • Warm clothes
    • Cap, sun glasess, high factor sun cream
    • Head-torch
    • First aid kit, if you have some disease

    Recommended to have

    • Some Diamox pills against potential altitude sickness (if you don’t have altitude adaptation)
    • Pocket knife


This tour designed who want to see beautiful landscapes in untouched area with breathtaking views. Tour with long day drive. YOU NEED TO TAKE A PASSPORT WITH YOU FOR THAT TOUR.


Travel insurance is NOT included. We recommend that clients have their own travel insurance against illness, injury, loss/damage to personal belongings. In case of emergency our staff will make all the best to delivery you to hospital or other point and solve your problem, insurance will cover your charges, if you don't have insurance, you will be required to cover charges by yourself.


Service of local staff is included to the program; however, it is polite to tip to local staff if the service has been very good. Also at your discretion, you might also consider tipping your tour manager in appreciation of the efficiency and service you receive.

  • Permits to enter pre border zone, not included to the price, you need to book a tour beforehand in order to have time to prepare permits during 5-10 working days. Read More: Permits

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