Adventure in Akshyirak

The best way to explore Tian-Shan!

The Adventure to Akshyirak tour is designed for people who are interested in Soviet industrial history, remote and uninhabited areas, and for those who love capturing pictures of epic landscapes. The tour is ideal for people who are looking to get off the beaten track and immerse themselves in the vastness of nature. 

Adventure in Akshyirak

3 - 4  days | May - Full year

Tour Highlights

  • Drive through Arabel plateau 4000m above sea level
  • Remote area of Kyrgyzstan
  • Able to see wild animals for example Marco Polo
  • Meet with nomad people
  • See river Naryn which is longest reiver in Kyrgyzstan and going to Aral sea
  • See many peaks with glaciers
  • Off-road trip 4x4
  • On the way back we will visit Djety-Oguz valley
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This tour is offered by Visit Karakol Tour Company. As a member of Destination Karakol, this business is actively invested in promoting tourism and community development in Karakol and the surrounding region.

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Tour Details

Highest points

Chon-Ashuu pass-  3822m

Sook pass - 4022m


4 days (summer time) or 3 days (winter time)  (4-6 hours of driving per day)

Good for

Adults and families 




Akshyirak area located in border zone with China and that is why you need a permit.


English, Russian


Rain or shine


No signal connection


30% of the road is asphalt and the rest of the road is gravel or off-road


That tour is requiring border permits preparation, need to book a tour beforehand. 

Price includes:

  • Price include:
    • English speaking driver-guide and cook
    • Transportation
    • Full board
    • Permits to border zone
    • Equipment: Tents (2 person in 1 tent), mats and table equipment

    Notice: You need to book a tour beforehand in order to have time to prepare the permits.


  • 1 person - 1070$
  • 2 person - 1240$
  • 3 person - 1411$
  • 4 person - 1581$
  • 5 person - 2316$
  • 6 person - 2487$
  • 7 person - 2657$

Tour Itinerary

We will go to one of the most remote, picturesque, and mysterious areas of the Kyrgyz Republic, located near the border with China. We'll traverse the Ala-Bel Pass (3918m) and Sook Pass (4022m). During Soviet times, while installing electrical infastructure, many human bones were found at the Sook Pass thereby earning it's name. Sook, in Kyrgyz, means bones. Our guide, in detail, will explain whole industrial history of the region. Finally, we will arrive at Pikertyk through the narrow and challenging Chagyr pass, set up camp for the night, and have warm dinner at a rural dwelling.
Summer time:  
For the first part of the day we will hike to, and explore, an abandoned Soviet mining facility not far from camp. Afterwards, we will connect with a local shepherd, help round up his Yaks, and bring them to their corral. The shepherd, in addition to guiding the round up, will explain why such a remote place is so ideal for the raising of Yaks. Once again we'll return to Pikertyk camp and dine at the rural dwelling.

Winter time:  
We will take a horseback ride through the valley of Pikertyk towards the place where Marco Polo sheep and Ibex heards can sometimes be observed. Marko Polo Sheeps and Ibex descend lower due to the winter snows and low temperatures in the high mountains. Some of the males in these herds have huge horns because of their age. Once again we'll return to Pikertyk camp and dinner at the rural dwelling. 
We will visit stone garden of Petroglyphs, on which shown ancient pictures of Hunting, Marco Polo Sheep and wild animals. Further, drive to the villages Akshyirak and Uch-Koshkon (3145m), they are remotely located with minimal connection to the outside world. The road is sometimes closed because of extreme weather and in that case, may be unreachable. If we are able to access the villages, we will have lunch with one of the shepherds and their family. With us, they will share not only their food, but the history of their culture and the realities of living such a remote lifestyle. Later, we will drive past the Kumtor Gold (Kyrgyz-Canadian) Mine, and spend the night in tents at a picturesque place between Taragay River and Akshyirak range. 
During winter trips we spend this day returning to Karakol.
On our final day, we drive back to Ala-Bel Pass by Kumtor's road. On the way there, we will see many beautiful glacial lakes. Upon returning to the main road we'll visit some of the best sights of the Djety-Oguz valley, such as the geological formations of Broken Heart and Seven Bulls. Once back in Karakol, dinner and accommodation will be at a hotel.

Additional information


Clean bottled water will be provided during the tour.


  • Main Baggage:

The item of luggage used to carry all your belongings in the hold of the plane and used to store all of the items you don't need on tour. This can be left behind at the group hotel used prior to the trek. You may take other luggage which you will need during the tour.


You will be in remote area during the tour with limited comforts and connection. However, we will have satellite communications, as satelite phone or SPOT in case of emergency.


Travel insurance is NOT included. We recommend that clients have their own travel insurance against illness, injury, loss/damage to personal belongings. In case of emergency our staff will make all the best to delivery you to hospital or other point and solve your problem, insurance will cover your charges, if you don't have insurance, you will be required to cover charges by yourself.


The tour including the meal, however it is possible to travel without our service of food preparation to dicrease price of tour. You will prepare food by your own, we can provide gas stove and table equipment. Standard menu: Breakfast: consist some of following dishes: Porridge, omelet, omelet with fried sausages, pancakes, scrambled eggs with sausage, boiled eggs and etc + bread, jam, butter, honey, sweets, tea/coffee. Lunch boxes or lunch: Dried fruits, chocolate, yogurt, juice, cheese, sandwich, vegetables/fruits and tea/coffee. Dinner: Our cook is preparing european and asian cuisine You need to let us know if you are vegetarian or have some preferences, so we will be able to make special menu for you.


Service of local staff is included to the program; however, it is polite to tip to local staff if the service has been very good. Also at your discretion, you might also consider tipping your tour manager in appreciation of the efficiency and service you receive.

  • Equipment and items:
    • Sleeping bag up to -5 C
    • Trekking boots with high proper ankle support and good thread
    • Waterproof rain jacket and trousers
    • Warm closes and extra closes to exchange
    • Hat and cap, sun glasess, high factor sun cream
    • Daypack 20-30 litters and rain cover
    • Head-torch
    • Bottle for water
    • Quick drying towel
    • First aid kit, if you have some disease

    Recommended to have

    • Binoculars
    • Toiletries
    • Antiseptic
    • Some Diamox pills against potential altitude sickness (if you don’t have altitude adaptation)
    • Pocket knife

Tour Map