Karakol Destination on April 12th, 2022 held a large-scale Eco-Action campaign to plant tree seedlings in the center of Karakol city, joining the Program “Green City”. The event was held jointly with the Karakol City Hall, with the support of the “Heritage of the Great Nomads”, the Swiss project “Sustainable Development of Winter Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic”, and the tourism businesses of Karakol.

The aim of the event was to promote the sustainable development of Karakol, through the formation of environmental culture in society, fostering a caring attitude to nature, the rational use of natural resources, and consideration for the environmental safety of the city.

Members of “Destination Karakol”, representatives of the tourism sector, employees of public and municipal services, and concerned citizens planted more than 600 flowering and fruiting trees in the historic section of town, on Lenin st. and Toktogul street.

The event was actively attended by residents of Karakol, municipal services of the city, deputies of the City Kenesh, students, as well as representatives of tourism business.