Our company can arrange different type of tours in Karakol, around Kyrgyzstan and even around Central Asia. We take into account individual needs of each customer and our mission is providing the guaranteed high level of services and products at reasonable price on all stages of holiday organization and by establishing long-term relations with tourists who care for comfort.

Our Values

Visit Karakol recruits local and passionate guides who know their country well. Our team is made up of curious travellers like you looking for new experiences, unusual discoveries and authentic encounters. Let us share with you our passion for explore the roads of Kyrgyzstan together.
We respect the Global Code of Ethnic for Tourism promoting the application of responsible and accessible tourism for all. It represents a significant step towards ensuring that tourism development is done with full respect for sustainable development, social issues, local community development, improves understanding between cultures and addresses labour issues. Add a different dimension to your holiday. In celebration of the Year of Sustainable Tourism, we offer travellers activities related respect human and environmental values and thus far from mass tourism. Our local concept sees us support the local economies to where our guests travel to, and our focus on authentic encounters helps preserve cultures and traditions. We support in particular the industry of craft items and souvenirs made locally.
We encourage travelling in small groups in order to maintain the authenticity of meetings and to reduce the impact of travellers on the lifestyle of nomad and on the environment. We promise to take you away from the beaten path, in secluded and preserved places.
We believe in tailor-made travels that you can adjust on your holiday beacuse is that flexibility that is key to a serene journey. We guarantee you to make your trip a trip makes sense, an unforgettable trip.
We pay attention to the safety of your trip and we constantly monitor the quality of our equipment adapted to climatic conditions. We train all our drivers and guides, visit all the hotels and any activity that we recommend. We are always listening to you by email, telephone, in our office and on social networks, in order to accompany you at best in every step of your journey.

Note: By choosing us you help to develop tourism in Karakol and the region in general. A significant part earned on these tours goes to supporting Destination Karakol and its work as a social enterprise that engages in community activities and in supporting tourism development in the city. Thank you!

"Visit Karakol has made an amazing job by helping us putting our very customized trip together. My friend and I had an amazing 5 days with the team and would highly recommend them do everybody who wants to visit that amazing and untouched country - Kyrgyzstan!"


"The Team and people working at Visit Karakol are the most friendly and helpful people I met in the tourism industry. From personalised travel experience with one of their guide to leading a Photography Workshop class and including porters. I trust their expertise, and they help you out in all matters. They will make your Kyrgyzstan experience memorable and pleasure you will never forget. I highly recommend visiting this country and with Visit Karakol. They assure you're not leaving the place disappointed, and you can fully enjoy the beautiful countryside. I am looking forward to being back in Kyrgyzstan."

"Visit Karakol provided an expert trip planning service for our own private guided ski touring adventure in Kyrgyzstan in February 2020 and also provided superb local guiding, transport and logistics support. Timur Akbashev, the owner was our personal guide and through him we had a great ski adventure and even more importantly, a great introduction to the very special culture of Kyrgyzstan."

"I have been fortunate enough to visit the Karakol region of Kyrgyzstan for three years running. Working and using the services of VisitKarakol has been nothing short of amazing. From the moment I arrived, I felt safe and in good hands. Logistics are always smooth and the team work closely together to ensure that guests are given the experience they were hoping for. 

I have taken clients to Karakol and they have been blown away by the kindness, openness and landscapes of the region. Timur, Ibraim and the team are a credit to the area. If you haven’t visited Karakol yet then it’s time to go."

Jack Harding

Ala-Kul lake

The pearl Ala-Kul Lake

Route: Karakol – Ala-Kul lake - Altyn-Arashan – Karakol

Duration: 4 days | Period: June-October

Glaciers of Terksey

The glaciers of Terskey Ala-Too

Route: Karakol - Peak Karakol - Ala-Kul  - Altyn-Arashan

Duration: 6 days  | Period: June-September

Ak-Suu Traverse

Ak-Suu Traverse Trek

Route: Karakol - Telety - Alpcamp - Keldike - Altyn - Arashan - Almaluu - Boz uchuk                  

Duration: 7 days | Period: June-September

Karakol Main Sights

Main sights of Karakol

Route: Karakol - Peak Karakol - Ala-Kul lake  - Altyn-Arashan

Duration: 4 days | Period: June - October

On-Tor's Loop

On-Tor's Loop

Route: Karakol - On-Tor - Kol-Tor  Ala-Kul lake - Altyn-Arashan - Karakol

Duration: 6 days | Period: June-September


Challenging Tian-Shan

Route: Bishkek - Karakol - Sirota - Keldike valley - Aksu river - Ak-suu wall - Koiluu - - Echkili-Tash - Cholpon-Ata - Bishkek

Duration: 11 days | Period: June - October

Celestial Mountains

Celestial Mountains

Route: Djety-Oguz  -  Karakol gorge -  Ala-Kul lake - Altyn-Arashan 

Duration: 5 days | Period: June - October


Celestial Mountains 2

Route: Djety-Oguz - Karakol gorge - Ala-Kul lake - Altyn-Arashan 

Duration: 7 days | Period: June - October

Altitudes of Terskey Ala-Too

At altitudes of Terskey Ala-Too

Route: Chon Kyzyl-Suu - Djety-Oguz - Ala-Kul lake - Altyn-Arashan 

Duration: 11 days | Period: June-October

Off-Road Tours

Kyrgyz Fairytale Tour

Make your short stay in Kyrgyzstan action packed! In just handful of days, explore Kyrgyzstan's most famous attractions during this exclusive private tour. 

Duration: 5 days | Period: year-round


Land of Nomads

This tour is oriented for people who want to explore whole Kyrgyzstan and see different nature, people and lifestyle. 

Duration: 18 days | Period: July - October 


Ring of Sary-Jaz 2

This tour is for people who want to experience beautiful, wild nature and untouchables landscapes.

Duration: 2 days  | Period: May - October 


Arabel Plateau 4000m

The plateu has such an interesting relief and a large number of lakes due to a very old glacier. It leveled the valley and left so many lacustrine basins.

Duration: 1 day | Period: year-round


High Passes of Kyrgyzstan

During this tour you will drive through amazing landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. High passes with stunning views will make you trip memorable...

Duration: 11 days | Period: July-October


Magic and mysterious Kyrgyzstan

This tour is designed for people who has a little time but wanted to see many places and do possible activities.

Duration: 11 days | Period: June-October


Adventure in Akshyirak

The tour is ideal for people who are looking to get off the beaten track and immerse themselves in the vastness of nature. 

Duration: 3-4 days | Period: year-round



This tour is one of the most exciting 1-day tours we offer. In a single day you will visit the incredibly beautiful red rock and sandstone canyons of Kyzyl-jar.                  

Duration: 1 day | Period: May - October


Adventure on Kyrgyz Land

This tour is designed for people who has a little time but wanted to see many places and do possible activities                                               

Duration: 11 days | Period: July - October    


Scenic tour to Bishkek

That tour is good for travellers who did some activities around Karakol and need go back to Bishkek           

Duration: 3 days | Period: May - October


Sary Jaz

Sary-Jaz tour is our favourite and unique short off-road trip to border area of Issyk-Kul region.         

Duration: 1-4 days | Period: year-round

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