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"I had an absolutely fantastic time on this tour. I went in winter, and it was completely stunning with snow capped mountains in the distance and snow and ice on the shore. It was a great way to really enjoy and explore issyk- kul, particularly in the winter when it is not possible to swim.

The guide was very friendly and helped those in the group that were less experienced. He even took me on a little detour to see some of Kyrgyzstan's swans, we dragged the boat up onto the land and pulled it over the snow like a little sled to reach a part of the lake cut of by ice. It was a real adventure, we ended up using the kayak as a little bridge, breaking through parts of the ice and using our paddles to heave ourselves along when we got grounded in a very shallow bit of lake! So much fun, and we got really close to a swan.

I can't recommend this tour more highly! You'll have a great time!"

Tamsin T

"I had a great moment kayaking on Issy-Kul Lake with Sergeï, who is very nice.
The view is amazing
I totally recommend to do this activity."

"Great experience!
I strongly recommend this winter Kayaking.
The landscapes are amazing, the activities were great.
You just have to try it!"

Pablo Fernando


Астро тур Каракол

Астрономический тур по ночному небу подарит прекрасные впечатления всем, кто хочет узнать больше о нашей галактике.

Длительность: 2.5 часа | Место: Каракол

Winter Kayaking

Зимний каякинг на Иссык-Куле

Отдохните от городской суеты и отправьтесь в путешествие на каяке по живописному заливу Пржевальского на Иссык-Куле.

Длительность: 5 часов | Место: Залив Пржевальского

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