Kazak Dinner

More than just a dinner - this is a Kazak cultural experience.

Learn how the cultural heritage of Kazak people in Karakol has survived through to today; this local family is sure to give visitors a lively impression not only of the breadth of Kazak food and drink varieties but also their cultural traditions.

The family-run Argo Guesthouse offers visitors a traditional Russian dinner with a Kazak family.  Guests will have the opportunity to try a variety of hot and cold dishes where everyone is bound to find something to their taste, from meat and fish lovers to fans of locally prepared pickled vegetables and mushrooms. Rest assured that your thirst for home-brewed  beverages will also not go unquenched. While guests indulge in these tasty delights, the Cossack family will frequently take the opportunity for singing performances and showing off their traditional costumes.


Kazak Dinner in a family-run local guesthouse

2 Hours  | from 1,200 KGS

per person

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Tour Details


We organize dinner by reservation (1-2 days in advance)

Start Time

As convenient for the group


2 hours


English, Russian


Rain or shine.

Minimum Group Size

5 persons

Good For

Adults, families, children


The fee is 1200 soms per person.

*Vegetarian dinners can be prepared by request.