The mission of Karakol Destination is to create a sustainable, competitive tourist destination based on the principles of "green economy" with the development of a multinational culture and identity, as the best place to live and tourist destination


Objectives of Karakol Destination

  • to improve the economic and social well-being of the destination, by developing the tourist potential, raising awareness and attractiveness of the destination. and attractiveness of the destination.
  • to contribute to the preservation and development of historical and cultural heritage, traditions and customs of all the peoples and ethnic groups of the destination
  • to preserve the region's biodiversity and reduce the anthropogenic impact, contribute to the preservation of ecological processes and environmental protection
  • Effectively manage the destination, by strengthening the social to manage the destination efficiently, by strengthening the social partnership and the institutional development of the organization

Considering the actual and potential impact of tourism on natural resources, we try to minimize this impact through our own policies and practices, including:

  • We strive to work for a long-term perspective, to enhance the economic impact by creating new year-round tourism products, taking into account the criteria of sustainable development
  • Marketing and promoting the tourist destination
  • Recommend clients to buy handmade products by local craftsmen and locally produced goods.
  • Develop a cultural tourism component by promoting the destination's multiculturalism and diversity
  • We respect the culture and traditions of ethnic groups and inform tourists about the special features of the tour, especially if it has religious significance.
  • Perform a program for greening the destination and cleaning up trash.
  • Practice separate garbage collection in the office and recommend to our members
  • Use water from a water dispenser and minimize the use of plastic bottled water
  • Printer and other devices are set to energy efficient mode
  • Use FSC certified paper
  • Practice collecting groups to lessen the burden of vehicles in the difficult-to-access mountainous terrain.
  • We observe daily norm of animal exploitation when organizing tours.
  • We inform tourists in advance before and during the trip about safe travel and practices compatible with conservation activities (including environmental and cultural aspects, preparation of border passes).
  • Interaction with all stakeholders, to strengthen social cooperation.
  • We train and inform employees and partners about our sustainable tourism policy and Codes of Conduct.