Meet the Destination Karakol DMO & Visitor Center Team

Destination Karakol is more than a collection of business, it's a mindset and a group of people — professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, government employees, and citizens — who have banded together to create an organization committed to building a strong tourism industry in Karakol that benefits locals as much as tourists. Read the full story here, and meet the team of people making this dream a reality.

Rakhat Dzhamalova

Rakhat is Executive Director of the Karakol DMO. Born in Karakol, she sees great potential in her hometown. She is passionate about using tourism to sustainably develop local communities and businesses. With her history as a leader and facilitator in the tourism industry — she worked as a Manager at the Karakol Tourist Information Centre — Rakhat is a natural fit for her role overseeing and managing all DMO activities, while also ensuring the DMO fulfills it mission to advance and support the local community through tourism.

Previously, she worked as an International Relations Specialist in the Department of Science and International Relations at Issyk-Kul State University. She also has more than five years of experience working with the Peace Corps as an interpreter and trainer for local youth projects. When she's not at the DMO, you'll most likely find Rakhat strolling through Victory Park or trying a new shashlyk restaurant that's come to town.

Aman Zhanserkeev

Aman is a Karakol native who has been working in tourism since 2013. He first volunteered at the Tourist Information Center (TIC) and discovered a keen interest in the unique challenges and opportunities within the tourism industry. During his work at the TIC, he participated in many local and international projects that allowed him to develop a strong knowledge of web design and social media marketing.

After finishing his education in 2017, he began work with the Karakol DMO as a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist. He uses his unique skills and his extensive local knowledge to support the DMO's work and mission: to make Karakol better for locals and travelers alike. In addition, he guides several tours, such as the Free Walking Tour, Food Crawl, and Dungan Family Dinner. Being useful to others, making a difference, and ensuring travelers are happy are just a few of the many reasons he works at Karakol DMO. When he's not leading tours or running the website, Aman is mowing down on his favorite sandwich from Fat Cat Coffee.